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Some actions destroy or weaken the powerful sense of being in an alternate
world. These are NOT honourable, and not looked upon kindly.

Examples of these actions are:
- taking advantage of bugs or loopholes,
- playing multiple characters at the same time,
- playing multiple characters that assist each other in any way,
- non-newbies entering Minia or Lodi and simply waiting there in order to
  avoid attack or theft,
- quitting, entering the newsroom or the editor to avoid attack or theft.
- interfering with other players while graced (as this leaves them no recourse.)
- speculating about alts (player or God) - this is OOC, actively harmful 
  to our community and game world, and we take it very seriously.

A word of explanation is in order for what we refer to as "QQing", which is
quitting or going to the newsroom to avoid combat. This action is insane (or
out-of-role) and even if you are being killed by a much larger adventurer for
no reason, do not do this.

There is simply no acceptable excuse for it. You will gain a reputation as a
poor adventurer in the eyes of your peers and, perhaps even more importantly,
the Gods themselves. If you make a habit of this, you will even be punished, as
it is highly detrimental to the game's atmosphere. It is basically using an
insane/OOC method to escape an IC situation.

Of course, we do not expect you to stay logged on for long periods of time just
to prove you are not QQing from a combat situation. If you must leave, and can
evade attack or attempted attack for longer than 1 minute during a combat
situation, QQing then would not be dishonourable. HOWEVER, if you take
advantage of this to QQ constantly whenever you are attacked after evading for
a minute, this would again be dishonourable. We understand you must leave,
sometimes, but QQing repeatedly to escape combat is not honourable.