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12.3.6 Hallowed Targossas, the Guardians' Hearth

Nestled within the familiar embrace of the Pash Valley, Targossas, the Guardians' Hearth, is a refuge for the defenders of Creation. Shaped from Memory by the will of Lady Aurora and Lord Deucalion, the Bloodsworn Divine, the city's golden domes and stone-clad bulwarks radiate exalted effulgence, offering sanctuary to the acolytes of Good.

Creation's keepers convene at the Hearth's Righteous Fire, bathed in the steadfast radiance of the Light. This shared commitment is a tribute to their enduring resilience and unwavering vigilance, for it is here the chalice of renewal nourishes and strengthens the devoted servants of the Bloodsworn in their perpetual watch.

In this union of divine and mortal resolve, Targossas stands firm, a beacon amidst the boundless tapestry of Good. Blade and bond alike are forged within Targossian flames, for there is place aplenty at the Bloodsworn's Hearth: a welcome respite for the loyal and a burning brand for the heretic.