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14.8 Forays


A "foray" is the name given to a difficult task or challenge undertaken by a group of Intrepid adventurers. Each foray takes place in a unique, isolated setting, found among dozens of possible remote areas of the wilderness. The trials you may face are varied, ranging from confusing puzzles that must be solved to overwhelming denizens that must be defeated. One singular theme unites the forays, however, and that is that none can be completed alone. These are no ordinary hunting grounds, and the combined might of an Intrepid group will be required if you hope to succeed and claim their rewards.


To engage in a foray, you will need to be in a group and visit the foray board in the common room of the Wander Inn, in New Thera. From there, you will be able to review which forays are available (using READ BOARD), and see any additional information on them (such as a minimum or maximum group size) with READ BOARD <foray name/number>.

SIGN FOR THE <foray> FORAY is used to accept a foray from the board. This will automatically add the foray to your entire group's repertoire.


Once your group is assembled and you have accepted a challenge from the board, you are ready to begin your foray! You will have an Achaean day (real hour) after accepting your task to discover the foray's whereabouts.

Each foray has a number of possible locations where it can appear, all contained within the wilderness. These invariably follow a distinct theme (such as mountains or coasts) and most will have a hint either in the description or with a specific clue (use the INTREPID command to view your current foray status). Once you are ready, enter the wilderness and begin exploring! 


As well as the experience and gold acquired from a successful foray, (not to mention the prestige of being a victorious member of the Intrepid), each foray has its own unique talisman that can be obtained. Some of these are rarer than others, with the rarest of all opening a brand new, special foray location to be faced down.


This may be purchased at the foray board by the group leader of an active 
foray. The cost of this scales based on the foray and your group size. 

BUY INSURANCE to purchase this! (Group leader only!)

If your group leader has paid the premium, you will be able to CALL FOR AID instead of embracing death to be resurrected outside your foray after the death sequence concludes.

Once purchased this can be used repeatedly, but only for the active foray.


In addition to the Achaean day time limit to discover a foray's location, each foray has its own time limit for completion. This timer begins once inside, can be seen using the INTREPID command, and has devastating consequences when it expires. You should endeavour to complete these challenges promptly if you hope to emerge victorious!

Forays are unique in that they are flexible to the levels of the group undertaking them. As such, a group of three dragons facing down Aran'Kesh, the Fleshrender (for example) will find a similar challenge to that faced by a group of level 70 adventurers. 

Teamwork cannot be emphasised enough. Many forays will require cooperation and strategic thinking, rather than brute force, to overcome. 


READ BOARD [#|name]         - View available forays and details
SIGN FOR THE <foray> FORAY  - Accept a foray!
INTREPID                    - See your current foray
CAPITULATE                  - Abandon your current foray
BUY INSURANCE               - Purchase insurance (group leader only)
CALL FOR AID                - Use insurance if your leader has purchased it
IT <stuff>                  - Speak to your intrepid group!

For information regarding the wilderness map, see HELP WILDERNESS