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3.2.1 Expressiveness in Speaking

Speaking can be given variety and flavour by use of emoticons and our Expressiveness system, which is our way of describing the use of expressive adverbs in speaking.


With Says

Speak in your normal way, using ' or " or say or snarl or chant or scream, as
you prefer, with or without the usual 'to <whomever>', and then add an adverb
 with a special mark, a *, before it right after the say/'/".

For example:

  SAY *ANGRILY TO ENTARO You barbarian!
  Maya says angrily to Entaro, "You Barbarian!"

  Maya says deeply to Tecton in Troll, "Hello."

  Maya says to Tecton in Troll, "Hello."

  CHANT *BELLICOSELY AT TECTON Submit or Die! Submit or Die!
  Maya chants bellicosely to Tecton, "Submit or Die! Submit or Die!"

  SNARL *PEDANTICALLY You only wish you had my vocabulary.
  Maya snarls pedantically, "You only wish you had my vocabulary."

With Tells

   TELL SARAPIS *HAPPILY You're the best!
   SARAPIS *HAPPILY You're the best!

Note that languages will only work with tells by switching to the language first. For instance, SPEAK TROLL. See HELP LANGUAGES.

With Yells

   YELL *ANGRILY Me angry! Me smash!

With Channels

   CT *DUTIFULLY Reporting for duty!
   OT *REVERENTLY My Lord, do you have a task for me?

To give your says, tells, channels, and even yells variety with less typing, you can use emoticons (sometimes called smileys) at the very end (only). Emoticons will not work with EXCLAIM or ASK. 

Not all emoticons work with tells, channels, or yells.

If Aeyr types

   SAY Yes, I am the best Achaean that ever was :)

Then people will see

   Aeyr smiles and says, "Yes, I am the best Achaean that ever was."

Here are the emoticons and what they do:

   :)  smiles and says                 :|  looks undecided and says
   :)) smiles broadly and says         :/  looks sceptical and says
   :>  smiles impishly and says        :?  looks thoughtful and says
   ;)  smiles with a wink and says     :B  drools and says
   :D  laughingly says                 :P  sticks out his/her tongue and says
   :*  blows a kiss and says           :O  looks surprised and says
   :,) says through happy tears        :S  looks confused and says
   :@  angrily says                    :(  frowns and says
   :(( sadly says                      :C  very sadly says
   :,( says through unhappy tears      D:  looks horrified and says
   :#  says through clenched teeth

Note that these will all work with says, most channels, tells, and yells.