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12.17.16 Elemental Plane of Earth


The Immovable Mountain holds dominion over all that is Earth, all that was
Earth, and all that will ever be Earth.


Remorseless, deadly, and barren, Garash's Grief is an immense desert, sprawling
across the landscape of the Earth Plane. Among the shifting sands, rolling
dunes, and treacherous mires can be found the four Tribes of the Earthen
Families. Outsiders and those of the wet lands will find little purchase with
the Amaryk, Bedurth, Sidackhe, or Tash'la tribes, yet with a proper invitation -
or extenutating circumstances - Primes may be tolerated when sufficient effort
is put forth. Legends speak of the one who is Green, holding sway over a lush,
vibrant plain beyond the jagged crags of Dolodach's path, but only the Mother
and Father can truly know if such stories hold any weight.


Concealed in tunnels beneath the Grief, the Vault is ruled over by the
Cacharann, the chief of all tribes and none. A manifestation of Dolodach guards
its entrance fiercely, for within rests the most precious treasure of all, and
the hope of the very future itself.

The residents of Earth's Vault care little for "standing" or "reputation",
preferring instead individuals who demonstrate patience and protective
instincts. As the Earth is hard and unyielding, so too must you be in your
patience, stamina, and tenacity - for there is no other way to survive in the

Emissary Ulghoch acts as the Ambassador for Earth, and can be found on the
second floor of the Elemental Embassy.