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12.17.15 Elemental Plane of Air


The chill embrace of the highest clouds is home to the Coterie of Air, dedicated
in rigid service to Whiirh, the Western Wind.


Traversing the clouds is a dangerous undertaking, much like braving the
machinations of those who form the Coterie. Be prepared, a fall from grace may
merely lead to death, but worse might be in store for those ill-suited to a life
upon the tightrope of power.

Should you seek to escalate the elevations of the upper air, your ascent begins
upon the bottom rung, speak with those who surround you to find your foothold.
Those of the Coterie are jealous and suspicious; expect scrutiny. 

Maintaining adequate standing is essential to climbing to the Coterie's highest
ranks - and many factors determine whether or not you find yourself in the good
graces of its inhabitants. 

Reaching the pinnacle of progression and claiming powers unparallelled will
require skill, intelligence, and guile - qualities the Ministers possess in

Emissary Uacyll acts as the Ambassador for Air, and can be found on the second
floor of the Elemental Embassy.