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10.8.5 Eidolic Spirit

Spirit is the resource tithed from areas via Eidolic Influence.

Spirit of Fear is generated via conquering areas. Spirit of Gratitude is generated via the liberation acts. Both funnel into the city via the font and can be used as Spirit.

Each area conquered will generate Spirit on a monthly basis, this will be tithed to the conquering state at the end of the month. There is an aspect of diminishing returns, so bigger isn't always better on paper. If you conquer an area that you have laid out in the Doctrine as a conquest objective, that area will generate a bonus amount of Spirit.

The various quests that aim towards liberation/morale boosting will generate Spirit of Gratitude, this is cached on the area until it is liberated and then awarded to the liberator at the end of the month. Liberation itself also generates Spirit from a liberated area. If you liberate an area you have laid out in the Doctrine as a protection objective, that area will generate a bonus amount of Spirit for you.

Spirit can be spent on a variety of rewards for your city. Some of these rewards are gated by the number of areas held in conquest.

When the city has gained enough Spirit, the City Leader or Defence Minister can use the following commands to spend it.

   - To use a power.

   - To see the power list.

   - To see the specifics of a power.
   - You must have reached the required areas held at minimum before you can see a power's details.

   - This will cost all of your accumulated spirit and at your next Eidolic Phase your spirit will return to its corporeal form, and all conquered areas will be relinquished.
   - This command can only be executed by the City Leader in the War room. 
   - Using this command means that the spirit of your Guardian will need to be resummoned from scratch if you wish to venture forth again.

   - This will show the current spirit amount, any active investments, any investments that are on cooldown.

0 - 4 areas held in conquest
EMPOWER - 100 Spirit
SLAUGHTER - 100 Spirit
PARADIGM - 150 Spirit
PROPAGANDA - 200 Spirit
TELEPORT - 500 Spirit
MAINTAIN - 500 Spirit
RELIEF - 1000 Spirit

5 - 14 areas held in conquest
DEFIANCE - 5000 Spirit
BRIDGE - 7500 Spirit

15 - 24 areas held in conquest
ENLIVEN - 500 Spirit
FORTIFY - 3000 Spirit
FLAME - 3000 Spirit

25+ areas held, and the largest current territory count total.
EMISSARY - 2000 Spirit
FULLSENSE - 2000 Spirit
LEAP - 500 Spirit
SHROUD - 500 Spirit
BUCKAWNS - 500 Spirit