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10.8.1 Eidolic Influence

With the findings of Tatynne and O'ising now at large, the cities of Achaea can separate the spirit from their Guardian Eidolons and send this spirit forth into the world to claim territory and spread their ethos across the land!

Most territory claiming will be a hostile act, but claiming areas that are allied to your city is considered a protection rather than a hostile incursion. Claimed territories can be challenged and conquered by other cities with an adjacent claim, or by liberation forces with a raid tank.

Expect areas to change when they are occupied! Occupation will be evident in every room and the little girl in Jaru may not be very concerned about her lost kitten if Mhaldor has her village in thrall!

Conquest, protection, and liberation will all generate the spirit resource, this can be spent by the city leader on a whole variety of rewards and bonuses (some rewards will be gated by the number of areas conquered) for your city! City leaders can also create political DOCTRINES in order to earn bonus spirit!

The first step to conquering or protecting an area is summoning the spirit of the city guardian.

Summoning the spirit then also sets your Eidolic Phase, which is a re-occuring time span (default 2 OOC hours, but minorly configurable in the city's doctrine - HELP DOCTRINE) that begins when a city guardian spirit is summoned. This will be telegraphed to all of Achaea at the moment of spirit summoning.

Experimental Change: Spiritual phases now flip by 12 hours each real life day. So if your phase is 0 GMT on Monday, on Tuesday it will be 12 PM, then back to 0 GMT on Wednesday.

During this phase the city can direct the guardian spirit to claim an adjacent area.

The Eidolic phase can only be changed by relinquishing any controlled territory and releasing your spirit guardian, or by losing all of your held territories and your spirit guardian being banished, effectively a full reset in either case.

This phase only determines your conquest activity, it does not affect the conquest challenges of others!

   - This resets your phase and banishes your guardian, but you keep your territory. 
   - This costs half of your current spirit reserves to use.
   - This has a 24 hour windup the same as RELINQUISH, during which time you will be unable to request a beacon.
   - Using this command means that the spirit of your Guardian will need to be resummoned from scratch if you wish to venture forth again.

   - This will cost all of your accumulated spirit.
   - At your next Eidolic Phase your spirit will return to its corporeal form and all conquered areas will be relinquished.
   - This command can only be executed by the City Leader in the War room.
   - Using this command means that the spirit of your Guardian will need to be resummoned from scratch if you wish to venture forth again.

If you regret your decision to relinquish/corporealise your Guardian's Spirit and it has not yet completed, you can use CITY SPIRIT CORPOREALISE/RELINQUISH CANCEL to change your mind. You cannot use this command if the process has already completed.