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17.2.4 EGGHUNT

The grandest sport known throughout the land! Or perhaps not. But fun
nonetheless. The idea of this game is to gather as many special eggs
which are scattered about the land in the time limit provided. The person
with the highest score at the end of the time period is the winner.

The eggs and their point values (from common to rare):
   1 point:  a white egg     2 points: a blue egg
   3 points: a green egg     5 points: a yellow egg
   8 points: a striped egg

In Golden Egghunts only:
 100 points: a Golden Egg

The rules
   * You must JOIN EVENT to become a part of an EGGHUNT.
   * An EGGHUNT is an EVENT - use the various EVENT commands such as
   * Egghunts may be sharing or nosharing
   * For sharing egghunts: 
     * An egg must be in your inventory to count (not in any container).
     * You will drop any eggs if you die.
   * For NOsharing egghunts:
     * When you pick up an egg, it disappears, and your score increases.

Variation: GOLDEN Egghunt
A Golden Egghunt is like any other egghunt, except for a twist: there is a
single Golden Egg, whose location will show up in WG STATUS. The Golden 
Egg is worth 100 points alone. Warning: if you happen to be the lucky 
finder of the Golden Egg, watch out! Somewhere out there is a very large 
and very angry Golden Goose who is out to reclaim her egg.

* PK (Player killing) to get eggs is an option which may vary from
  game to game. As with all other options, check with EVENT STATUS.
  With PK permitted, experience loss for player deaths will be disabled for
  the duration of the event. ONLY those who have joined the event can kill 
  each other without further roleplay reason. Normal PK rules are in effect 
  during this event for those who have not joined it.

* THEFT is forbidden at all times for all forms of EGGHUNTS, whether
     or not PK is allowed, if either the victim or the thief has joined 
     the egghunt.

* Eggs will be in rooms on the main continent of Sapience. 
  This may include anywhere that is out of doors, though not
  in the trees or flying.

  Eggs will also not appear in subdivisions nor on the wilderness map.

* Eggs are unstable and will disappear under any of these circumstances:
  - in a container, rather than on the ground or in your inventory
  - being held by another denizen
  - being held by an adventurer who is
    - off plane
    - flying
    - in the trees
    - phased
    - graced
    - blackwinded
    - astralformed
    - in the Skies
    - in nirvana or the inferno
    - not joined in the game

    - in ANY city, or in the sewers of any city.

NOTE CAREFULLY - if you die during a PK event, but the event ends before you
are immolated/resurrected or embrace death, then you MAY VERY WELL lose
experience for that death. We have added a 'cooling off' period at the end of
free-PK events to try to avoid any possible difficulties of this kind.

No reimbursements will be given for lost experience in such cases.