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Denizens are also referred to, in an OOC manner, as mobiles, NPCs
(non-player-characters), or CCCs (computer-controlled-characters). They are 
the 'monsters' and citizens of Achaea that aren't generally being played by a 
person. They are not Adventurers.

A denizen can be a worm, a dragon, a human being, or a talking sword. A denizen
may talk to you, ignore you, or attack you. It may even suggest that you do
things for it, and may pay you if you do (this is a QUEST). Generally, the way
you will get a denizen to talk to you is to GREET it.

You may, of course, greet the denizen, or simply attack it if you wish. Killing
denizens is the most common way to gain experience and gold.

Some denizens in Achaea will become loyal to you in certain circumstances. If a
denizen is loyal to you, you may give it a variety of commands. These are:

ORDER <denizen> PASSIVE          Pacify an upset denizen.
ORDER <denizen> KILL <adventurer>    Order a denizen to attempt to slay
ORDER <denizen> FOLLOW <adventurer>  Order a denizen to follow someone.
ORDER <denizen> LOSE <adventurer>    Order a denizen to stop following someone.
ORDER <denizen> CALM             If your denizen is panicking, this will calm
ORDER <denizen> DROP <whatever>  Order a denizen to drop something it is
ORDER <denizen> GO <direction>   Order a denizen to move a specified direction.

Denizen Feelings
In order to see how Denizen Villages feel about you:

Many denizens in Achaea are part of groups that we loosely label 'villages.'
These might be anything from actual villages, like Tasur'ke or New Thera, to a
group of bandits in the wild to lepers living on Polyargos. The members of
these villages pass information along to each other and will remember you if
you get caught committing crimes against village members, such as attacking
them or killing them.

In order to get caught at all though, there has to be a sentient denizen loyal
to the same village as the one you are committing the crime against within 3
rooms. If you're attacking a non-sentient, such as a dog, which, of course,
can't shout for help, then there has to be a sentient denizen of the same
loyalty in the room and another within 3 rooms of that room. It's important to
remember that denizens in the same room as the crime don't count. The idea is
that the denizens shout for help and if a denizen outside the room hears, it
spreads the warning to other villagers.

Villagers can react in five ways to you:
1. Suspicion
2. Dislike
3. Disgust
4. Hatred
5. Fear

A villager progresses through the first three and then either hates you or
fears you based on how powerful you are compared to it. Be warned: If a village
of denizens hates you and is powerful enough not to be intimidated by you, most
of the denizens will attack you on sight.

Over time, a village forgets about any crimes you've committed and its feelings
towards you slowly return to neutral, though in the case of someone who has
slaughtered many of the villagers, this may be a full Achaean year.

Finally, when you kill denizens that are grouping together, there will be an xp
bonus given for them to partially compensate for the extra difficulty of
co-operating denizens.

FEELINGS VILLAGES will show you any villages that dislike you at all.