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19.24.2 Death Talismans

The "Death" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:

- Promotions (this will always be announced via the relevant news when the
  pieces are currently available)
- Trading between players (pieces only)
- Whole talismans bought from the Delosian shop (when in stock)
- Partial completion (see below.)

The Death set contains the following talismans:
A sycophantic shoulder cape         - TALISMAN INFO DEATHCAPE
   - Purchasable in Delos for 1500 bound credits.
   - While wearing this cape, killing a denizen confers a bonus to your 
     total maximum health.
   - This increases up to 150% of standard maximum.
   - The cape's power depletes to normal levels if some time passes without
     killing a denizen.
   - It does not function against loyal entities or denizens of any kind.

Death's Call                        - TALISMAN INFO DEATHSCALL
   - Purchasable in Delos for 1850 bound credits.
   - When this bugle is BLOWn, all non-boss denizens in your current area 
     will be revived.
   - This is only functional if those denizens typically revive in that 
     same area.
   - The Death's Call may only be used every 2 hours.
   - An area can only be revived once every 2 hours, should multiple 
     talismans be invoked.

A soulfire crucible                 - TALISMAN INFO CRUCIBLE
   - Purchasable in Delos for 1000 bound credits.
   - This crucible may be lit in a room, and shall then damage all present
     whenever deathsight occurs within the area the crucible is placed.
   - This has a 1 hour cooldown.

A lichen-mottled gravestone         - TALISMAN INFO GRAVESTONE
   - Purchasable in Delos for 900 bound credits.
   - You may PLANT this gravestone in a location and you shall resurrect 
     in that spot after EMBRACEing death.
   - Be warned, anyone may DESPOIL your gravestone, rendering it inactive
     until rePLANTed.
   - This gravestone will only function if you die upon the continent of

A candle of cessation               - TALISMAN INFO DEATHCANDLE
   - Purchasable in Delos for 450 bound credits.
   - With this candle in your possession, CONSIDER a denizen to determine 
     how long they have been alive.

A vulture's talon                   - TALISMAN INFO VULTURETALON
   - Purchasable in Delos for 350 bound credits.
   - SCRATCH MYSELF WITH TALON to obtain the caloric defence.
   - This does not consume balance, however it has a <cooldown> cooldown.

A spiralled loop of mortal coil     - TALISMAN INFO MORTALCOIL
   - Purchasable in Delos for 250 bound credits.
   - BREAK this coil and you shall die shortly after.
   - This has a 30 minute cooldown.

A cowled practice dummy             - TALISMAN INFO DEATHDUMMY
   - Purchasable in Delos for 50 bound credits.
   - This dummy operates like a standard practice dummy, but deadlier.
   - It has a chance to occasionally kill the user.

Partial Completions
If you have two or three pieces of a talisman in the death item you can 
TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL <talismanname> to complete it for the remainder
of the bound credit value of the item as it is in the Delosian Talisman shop.


Talismans completed in this manner will have an altered tradein that 
reflects its credit worth, including the credit purchased completion.

    You have: cruciblebase and cruciblebowl.
    You use TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL CRUCIBLE and pay 500 bound credits.
       This is half the cost of the crucible in the shop because you already
       have half of the pieces.
    You get: a completed soulfire crucible talisman.
    This item has a tradein value of: 346 bound credits.
       This is 2/3rds of 520 credits (The 500 credits paid above, plus your 2
       pieces valued at 10 credits each.)

Collection Bonus!

The Death talisman set forms the "Death" collection!

When you acquire an item in the Death Talisman set just: 
   COLLECTION ADD DEATH <item> to add it to your collection.

A bonus item is awarded for collecting all of the talismans in this set! 

A deadfall scythe
   - CULL your foes with this terrifying weapon in hand and send them 
     to Ugrach.
   - This is functionally identical to behead, except in the Underworld 
     where it is faster.