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23.13 Death at Sea


Sea death's not all bad! How often do you get your bacon scooped out of the
fire by helpful sea spirits? Seriously now.

Death at sea can be far less troublesome if you simply make preparations ahead
of time, and of course remember what to do in the not-too-gruesome eventuality
of your sea borne demise.

Go to the ship of your choice. Be at the bow. Then:

If it goes well, you'll know that this will be the place to which the sea
spirits will return you after death. The ritual location will be remembered
forever and does not have to be renewed unless, of course, you change your

One limitation here is important: the ritual depends on your continuing to
maintain at least boarding privileges on the ship in question. If you are
no longer able to board the ship, then your attempts to pray to the sea
spirits on death will be to no avail.

When Death Comes
Resurrection?        Triggers allergies for some people.
Immolation?          Who wants to smell like barbecue?
EMBRACE DEATH?       That's so 700AF.
PRAY TO SEA SPIRITS  All the truly cool are doing it.

Yes, if you have performed your seaprayer ritual successfully, then when you
die, you will return to the place of that ritual if you simply PRAY TO SEA
SPIRITS. Good stuff, eh? Oh yes.

It may not work, though. If you are no longer able to board the ship, then your
prayer will leave you at the same place as most everybody else: "Outside the
Cave." How could it be that you are no longer able to board the ship where you
performed the seaprayer ritual? Maybe you had a lover's spat, and your ex-pal
has taken you off the boarding list? Maybe the vessel was sold. Maybe you quit
the organisation that owns it. Many possibilities there.