Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


(See also: HELP ISSUES)

To obtain customer service in Achaea use the ISSUE command. SHOUTing
for help is not the way! Use ISSUE when other avenues of resolution
for your difficulties have failed or are impossible, or when you need
the aid of one of our administrators for something like arranging a

The administration will then work to solve your problem as promptly
as possible. Please make sure you put in as much detail as possible, 
because oftentimes the administrator is unable to speak with you
directly (perhaps because of being in a different time zone).

If someone files an ISSUE regarding you then you will be given the chance
to reply and give your explanation of the issue using REPLYISSUE.

Note that when replying to an issue, you are talking to the
administrators, not to the person who filed the issue originally.

Think of an ISSUE as your plea for help from a magistrate or judge.

Don't talk to the other party in your issue, or reply, talk to the
administrator (that is, the judge). Do not use inappropriate language.
Be respectful. Stick to the point. Anything else will harm your chances,
and may result in dismissal of the ISSUE or even punishment for you.

Please file issues for serious situations, not frivolous, and make sure
to include substantial details.  Examples of bad issues:
  "I had to walk farther because of a wall of ice" is not serious.
  "I was killed by Bob" has no useful details.

Someone (generally an Administrator) will deal with your issue as soon
as time permits, allowing for resolution of issues filed before yours.

In Character (IC) resolution is generally preferrable to ISSUES. If
you can find a way to resolve your situations via IC steps, that would
be the best for all concerned. If not, ISSUES are always there. Once
you file an ISSUE, no other alternative remains, so we hope you'll
always consider ISSUES a last resort.

Please provide all the details you can remember. Times, dates, places,
what went before, what happened after. Who was there, what was said,
anything at all that might relate. An issue of five words is probably
going to be rejected as hopelessly inadequate. Do your best to tell us
EVERYTHING in advance, so we can be of the most possible help.

(See also: HELP ISSUES)