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18.10.25 Constellations and the Dance of the Vault

There exist in the cosmos of Achaea innumerable stars, galaxies, and
other assorted glowing celestial bodies. Ever since the breath of life
first filled the lungs of mortal-kind, they have looked skyward and
constructed fanciful patterns from these distant points of light. Many
of these constellations are but the product of whimsical imaginations
and vary from people to people. There are, however, a select few which
are exactly the same across cultures, worlds, and even planes, and which
are imbued with special power and significance by the very forces of

At the beginning of time, when the will of Ayar bore forth the planes,
He created a vast celestial vault to hold icons of great significance so
that their light would reach every eye on every plane. Within this
vault, He gave special positions of focus to three emblems: A regal
winged-lion, representing the vast Prime Material Plane, a coiled
serpent, representing the shadowy Spirit Realm, and a beautiful,
thornless rose, representing the joy of Ayar at His perfect creations.
Ayar then cast all the icons of the vault into a complex eternal waltz,
to accentuate their resplendent glory.

As they turn within the heavens, the constellations trade positions of
prominence in the skies. This cycle is known as the Dance of the Vault,
and repeats itself approximately every 29 years. For much of the cycle,
the lion is ascendant, and normal forces of the Prime rule. Late in the
cycle, the serpent overtakes the lion for a few months, and the ghoulish
forces of the Spirit Realm obtrude into our world. This period is known
as Mayaween, and is marked by frightening costumes and decorations.
These visiting horrors do not dwell here long, however, as the lion
quickly reclaims its seat. As the cycle draws to a close, the rose
emerges, and jubilance overwhelms the hearts of the beings of our plane.
Gifts are exchanged, and beautiful trees and wreaths sprout up across
the world. The prominence of the rose is known as Logosmas, and marks
the ending of a cycle of the dance (or a Step, as it is sometimes
called). As the rose recedes, the lion takes the throne once more.

Which constellations are currently visible to the naked eye? Simply LOOK
STARS to gaze upon them at night-time. There are usually more than one
in positions of prominence, so keep looking to see them all. To view
constellations which are not in prominence at this time, one would
require a powerful telescope.