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HELP COMBAT RANKINGS - new version for update


Achaea has a system of ranking adventurer vs. adventurer combatants. You are not, however, automatically in the system. You must first reach level 30, and then type JOIN COMBAT RANKINGS, to be put in the system. 

The rankings reset every real month, and whoever is at #1 at the end of the season will get an honours line indicating their victory. Along with this the top three combatants will receive credit prizes.

At the end of the season 1st place will win 50 bound credits, 2nd place will win 25 bound credits, and 3rd place will win 10 bound credits.

Anyone caught trying to manipulate or abuse the system in a way that is
obviously unfair will be permanently banned from it and punished in other ways
as well.

COMBAT QUEUE JOIN  - join the queue.

COMBAT QUEUE LEAVE - leave the queue. You cannot rejoin for an hour if you do this.

- Every five minutes, two people from the queue will be picked at random to do battle and are moved to the arena to do battle. You are only available to be picked in this moment if the following are all true:

* You are not on a free pk plane.

* You are not on aggression cooldown, or you are in your home city outside of a sanctioned raid.

* You have not been picked by the queue in the last ten minutes.

- Once in the arena, you will fight!
Additionally, victors of ranked spars will earn Delosian Eagles, these are able to be spent in the Eagle's Perch, a shop in Delos. (See HELP DELOSIAN EAGLES)

For those who are interested, the formula used to rate people is:

NewRating = OldRating + (K * (W - (1/(10^((-Dr)/200)+1))))

K: A variable. If you've had less than 20 fights, K is 100.
   If you've had more than 20 fights:
     If your rating < 2100 then K = 32
     If your rating >= 2100 and < 2400 then K = 24
     If your rating >= 2400 then K = 16

W: A variable.
   If you won,  W = 1.0
   if you tied, W = 0.5
   If you lost, W = 0.0

Dr: Difference in Rating. It is your rating minus your opponent's.