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21.1 CLANS


What are clans?
Clans are adventurer-created and adventurer-run organisations. A clan could be:
   - a Noble House with various titles
   - a chess club with annual dues
   - a death cult
   - a group of performers
   - a family

Clans are highly customisable. Use your imagination when forming them! See the
current list of all clans in HELP CLAN LIST.

Basic clan information
Anyone may join a clan, and you may be in up to ten clans. This number may be
increased by purchasing CLAN SLOTS (see HELP 21.4 ADDING CLAN SLOTS). A clan is
led by one individual who is the undisputed leader of the clan. He cannot be
replaced unless he chooses to be.

In order to form a clan, you must go to Clan Headquarters in Delos, and have
500,000 gold in your inventory. You must know what you wish to call your clan
(you can change it later), as well as know what you wish to nickname your clan.
See the next section for more details.

In Character and Out Of Character Clans
All clans are by default in character.

A clan designed to be out of character must be made private by the clan leader.
   This does not necessarily mean that all private clans are out of character.

All non-private clans are considered to be in character.

Organisations cannot own out of character clans. Organisations are in character
entities and subsequently all involved aspects are in character.

Family clans are considered to always be in character.

Forming a clan
FORM CLAN NAMED <name1> | <alias>

   - The first name can be up to 50 characters long and can be multiple words.

   - The second name can be only 1 word and no longer than 15 characters. It's
     more like an alias, so that, for instance, instead of typing CLANHELP THE
     DIAMANTE FAMILY, adventurers can just do CLANHELP DIAMANTE (if that's what
     the founder called the clan alias).

   - You must separate the clan name and alias with the | character.

   - You must have 500,000 gold in your inventory, and be standing in Clan
     Headquarters, on the isle of Delos. The 500,000 gold will be taken as
     the fee for clan formation.

   - Upon forming the clan, you will automatically be the clan head.

Transferring a clan

Clans may be transferred as the owner of the clan sees fit.  The clan newsboard
comes along with it, with all of its existing posts. An immortal or admin will
not clear the board for you either, so please don't ask. It's part of the price
of getting a second-hand clan!

Family clans
A family clan is a way to formally recognise your family's place in the world.
They come with a host of new options to help bring these prestigious lineages
into the limelight. Family clans can:

* Allow members to take on a pre-configured family name as their suffix. A 
  member of the clan can use FAMILY TITLE to take on the surname of the family.
  This will replace any existing suffix.
* Have assignable progenitors, allowing clans to recognise the founders of the
  family line.
* Become listed on FAMILY LIST.
* Have a special version of CLANHELP.

Before you rush out and set this option on your clan, there are a few things to
keep in mind:

Once set as a family clan:
* The clan can not be renamed.
* The clan will be democratic.
* Can not be dissolved.
* Can not be reverted to a regular clan.

Once configured:
* The family name can not be changed.
* The family surname can not be changed.

Ok, so you've read and understand the limitations, here's how you convert your
clan into a family clan (as a clan leader):

* CLAN SET FAMILY <family name>
  This will cost 500,000 gold. The family name does not necessarily have to be
  the same as the clan name, but it should reflect the family's name. So the
  Aristata clan may do "CLAN SET FAMILY Aristata".

* CLAN SET SUFFIX <surname> 
  Configure the surname for the family. All adventurers in the clan can use
  FAMILY TITLE to set this as their suffix. Once set, this can not be changed.

  Configure up to two progenitors for your family line. Once set, this can not
  be changed. Progenitors either have to: 
  * Be in the clan.
  * Have the house surname in their title.

** Note **
The administration, at their sole discretion, may remove the family designation
from a clan. In circumstances such as these, refunds will not be offered.
Please do not use this system to be a pest, pain, or to "snipe" family names
from already-established clans.