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Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


In the course of serving their citizens, cities have a number of city improvements that may be built and maintained. Each type of improvement has an upfront cost in commodities, and ongoing maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are 1/120th of the setup costs, every Achaean month.

Currently, the available city improvements are as follows:

Scimitar of Yen-Sorte
  A giant statue of the legendary Aldar weaponmaster's scimitar. 
  Grants approximately a 7% bonus to all types of damage dealt by citizens against players, but not against denizens. 
  A city may only have one of these.
  - Cost: 20k steel, 20k obsidian, 2k platinum, 20k bone.

Pillar of the Moon
  A graceful pillar that will grant a 10% bonus to the max mana of all citizens. 
  A city may have only one of these.
  - Cost: 4k platinum, 4.5k gold (comms), 4.5k silver, 4.5k gems.

  A building that increases the maximum number of city guards by 20%. If it is destroyed, the extra guards do not disappear, but no new guards may be purchased until the total falls under the new lower maximum # of guards, or until a new barracks can be completed. 
  A city may build up to 3 of these.
  - Cost: 10k steel, 10k stone, 10k wood, 4k silver.

Orb of Confinement
  Has a chance to stop people from rising to the skies when turned on by someone in the Ministry of Security. 
  This includes all types of flying, including Eagle's and Atavian's wings.
  - Cost: 10k gold (comms), 5k gems, 30k obsidian, 5k ice.

The Process
1. The City leader decides to build an improvement no more than 15 rooms from the city's keystone (see HELP KEYSTONES). Construction begins, assuming the city has the required commodities.

2. Each Achaean day, the improvement will gain more health. When it reaches its maximum, it is done and except in the case of the Orb, its effect will be activated permanently, or for as long as the structure exists in the city.

3. Each Achaean month thereafter, maintenance commodities will be deducted from the city storage. The amount is approximately equal to 1/120th of the cost of the improvement. There is no ongoing development point cost.

4. If there aren't enough commodities in the city storage to pay the maintenance, the health of the improvement will start to fall. Upon reaching 0, the improvement will fall apart.

5. An improvement may be repaired at a cost in commodities proportional to how much health it has left. 

  - Shows you information about the improvement (if any) in your current room.

CITY IMPROVEMENT BUILD <improvement name>
  - Builds the chosen improvement in your current room.
  - Must be within 15 rooms of the city keystone, with no doors in between.
  - Must be outdoors, in urban or trees environment, in your city.
  - Must not be another improvement in the room.
  - Construction begins and will finish in a few Achaean months.
  - Only the city ruler may do this.

  - Orders the repair of the city improvement in the room you're in.
  - The cost of the repair is in commodities, and is inversely proportional to
    how much health the improvement has left. For instance, if it only had 10%
    of its health left, the cost would be 90% of the comms cost to build it in
    the first place.
  - Once a repair is ordered, it will take time for it to be complete.
  - Only those in the Ministry of the Interior may order this.
  - Orders the immediate destruction of an improvement in your room.
  - Only the leader of a city may order this.

  - List the improvements in your city, and where they are located.
  - Usable by the city council members and the Ministry of the Interior.
  - Activates the Orb of Confinement, if your city has one.
  - Usable by ruling council members and the Ministry of Defence.

  - Deactivates your city's Orb of Confinement, if there is one.
  - Usable by ruling council members and the Ministry of Defence.