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8.1.97 Certimene, the Class and House Administrator

(See also HELP 8 Which lists help resources for Classes and Houses)

Certimene acts as Administrator for all Classes and Houses in matters of 
inducting new members. In order for Certimene to induct you into any class or 
House, you must be at least level 5.

To ask Certimene to help you become a class or join a House, you must first
go to him in Delos. See the bottom of this document for walking directions.

Certimene will freely help you BECOME a member of a class -


See HELP CLASSES and HELP CLASSLIST for more information on classes.

If you are wishing to join a House, then you have two options. If you are
wanting to join the Carnivalis Institute of Jestering or the Grand Merchant
Collective then can speak to Certimene and ASK CERTIMENE JOIN <housename>.
If you are looking to join another House, however, then you will need to
contact the organisation directly or speak to its city, if applicable. Try 
HELP HOUSE <housename> and then look near the top under [CURRENTLY IN THE 
REALM]. Contact one of those House officials and ask them to help you.

See HOUSE LIST for the list of Houses.

Houses will vary in members of which class each allows. As you are
considering which House and class to join, be sure to keep in mind the House-
class restrictions. HELP HOUSE <housename> will tell you what classes each

Directions to Certimene:
From the Ring of Portals: w, n.

From the Ivy-Covered Archway in Minia: s, se, e, e, se, se, s, se, s, s, se,
se, e, s, se, e, e, ne, e, se, e, se, e, e. You should now be 'Before the
bridge to Delos.' Continue to Certimene with: e, se, se, s.

From Narrow entrance to the Valley of Lodi: e, n, n, ne, n, n, n, nw, n, n, nw,
nw, n. You should now be 'Before the bridge to Delos.' From here, go: e, se,
se, s.

ASK CERTIMENE BECOME <classname> to become any class in HELP CLASSLIST.

(See also HELP 8 Which lists help resources for Classes and Houses)