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Capture the Flag, with and without the "Game of the Eyes" variation, is a game
that pits cities against each other. Upon starting, seven flags (fourteen for
the Game of the Eyes variation) will be dropped about the land, emblazoned with
the symbol of the Owl. You must bring the flags to the locations listed below,
plant them, and then defend them. For every second that a flag that was planted
by a member of your city is there, your city gains a point.

Members of the participating cities (all of them) will be coloured for more easy identification.
Ashtan     - Purple
Cyrene     - Teal
Eleusis    - Bright green
Hashan     - Dark yellow
Mhaldor    - Red
Targossas  - Bright white

One Flag per Location
Only one flag may be planted per plantable location. If, by some strange
confluence of events or some error, more than one flag is planted in a single
location, only one flag will gain points, and the other flags will
automatically uproot.

Flag Disappearance
Flags will disappear if taken inside, to the Skies or Above the Skies, flown with, if taken onto another continent or plane, if held by a denizen or any container, or if held by a graced person.

The Game of the Eyes Variant
With the Game of the Eyes Variant, the CTF changes in several ways:
- Only flags planted in pairs, neighbouring each other, by the same
  city, gain points.
- The first flag in any pair goes in the usual/standard planting locations
- The second flag in any pair must be precisely one room distant from
  the flag already planted.
- Only the main flag, and one neighbour, may be planted in any vicinity
  of a standard planting room.
- One point is scored for each pair of flags properly planted, for each
  scoring time period.

All skill learning is suspended during the CTF.

Experience Loss
During a Capture the Flag event, no one will lose xp from a kill that is
credited to another adventurer. Further, no one will gain xp from

IMPLANTED totems do not operate during the CTF.
STANDING totems do operate during the CTF.

Locations in which flags may be planted
"North of New Thera"
"On the Delosian Bridge"
"At the foot of the Southern Vashnars"
"Overlooking the Mhojave crater", in the Mhojave desert
"Centre of the marketplace", in Tasur'ke
"Mount Sinope" in the Siroccian Mountains
"At the Shastaan Well" in Shastaan

  - Shows you the status of the current or latest Capture the Flag game.
    If a game is currently active, also shows current location of all flags.

  - Plants a flag in one of the above locations. You must spend 6 seconds doing
    nothing but planting.

  - Uproots a flag. You must spend 6 seconds doing nothing but uprooting.