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7.23.3 Beds - an excellent privacy option


Beds are, at present, the only furniture items that cost credits. They are
expensive for very good reason. Beds include the best privacy available in
Achaea at a cost of 475 credits. Compare with a privacy room option. A privacy
room option currently costs 80 room credits. The security and privacy of a bed
is far superior. It is without parallel in Sapience.

Beds may only be purchased by private parties for placement in private homes.
Beds may never be used in organisational buildings.

First, you must either be yourself, or hire the services of, a highly-trained 
practitioner of the Furnishing tradeskill. This skill will allow the furniture 
item itself to be created, with all the options of Furnishing available (see 
HELP FURNISHING for more details about this process). The bed must be PLACED 
into an existing room in a private home in order to be used. After that, the 
owner of the home may UPGRADE BED <bed> to commence the process, ensuring they 
have the requisite 475 Bound Credit cost. When that has been done, the bed will 
be present in and visible from the room in which it is dropped. The bed itself 
may be entered and is, in fact, a separate room unto itself (in addition to 
being visible in the room where it was originally dropped).
When you have successfully acquired, placed, and upgraded a bed, you will have 
new options available to you for entering and leaving the bed.

ENTER BED - puts you in the bed (or takes you out if you're already in).
LEAVE BED - takes you out of the bed (or puts you in if you are out).

Limited Capacity
Beds have a limited capacity of precisely two adventurers.

In the Bed
Beds create a private room representing the bed itself. That new place, in the
bed, is as close to perfectly private as anything in Achaea. Here are the
things that are blocked by being in a bed/bedroom:

- ct   - cht   - cwho   - prism   - beckon   - adduction
- ht   - clt   - hwho   - sense   - farsee   - brazier
- pt   - hnt   - oakt   - shout   - listen   - eavesdrop
- ot   - hts   - owho   - tells   - market   - mountkick
       - who   - pwho   - users   - newbie   - pilgrimage
       - yank  - rwho   - yells   - window   - tracking
               - scry   - clwho

Sonicportal, grove portal, and portal wands do not function into beds/bedrooms.
Puppetry and vodun powers command, inventory, listen, spy, summon, and
travel do not function into beds/bedrooms. Various powers such as mind sense,
throw, travel, glance, sapience, and mindreading also do not function if the
target is in a bed/bedroom. Wormholes cannot be created in bedrooms.

Beds, Combat, and Safety vs. Privacy
Beds are not saferooms: they are private rooms. Beds do not grant immunity from
all long-distance attacks. Kai choke is not stopped by beds or being in a
bedroom. Puppetry/vodun abilities that are attacks are mostly effective into

Beds and Perfection
We have heard that beds are not perfect: that they do not provide absolute,
100% privacy. This is true. Nowhere here, nor elsewhere, do we claim that beds
provide complete, 100%, absolute privacy. The precise, exact and (as close as
we can tell) complete list of what beds do for you is given above. They do
nothing beyond what is listed. Let no assumptions be made!

Beds and Tradeins
Beds are listed in HELP ARTEFACT TRADEINS under those things that cannot be
traded in. That's because beds cannot be traded in.

Beds and Relocation
Relocation of beds is possible with the RELOCATE BED command!
Simply find the ID of your bed, visit the room you wish to move the bed TO, 
then RELOCATE BED <id>. This will cost 250 Bound Credits.