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12.22.23 Aster Town

Walled away from the rest of Meropis for many centuries and content in complete and utter isolation, the rustic township of Aster is all that remains of the once prosperous duchy of Aster Malik.

Great stone walls rear high above the capricious currents of a tidal moat which encircles the settlement in its entirety, the bleak parapets commanding a stark vigil across the Asterian Peninsula and the Coastal Highway beyond. Not until the year 889 AF did the portcullis finally raise, and adventurers from far abroad were given leave to tread the cobbled streets for the first time since the fall of Seleucar. 

What they found was a town like few others, unconcerned and unburdened by the necessities of a world without. The gold sovereign, prevalent across the continents and islands of Achaea, was found to hold no sway in this contained and bustling community, the residents working tirelessly in a tightly woven tapestry of complete self-sufficiency honed over countless lifetimes. Above it all looms the impregnable bulk of Aster Keep, ancestral seat of the line of Aster, the halls now absent their famed bloodline, but now home to the Guild of Knights and Aster's Regent.

Would-be visitors may speak aloud their request to gain entry into Aster Town at the great portcullis.