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12.3.1 Ashtan, Seat of Chaos

Ashtan, Seat of Chaos, lies on the northwest shore of the inhabited part of the
continent of Sapience. Due to its seaport on the Sapphire Sea and its proximity
to the fertile Sangre Plains, Ashtan has been a dominant power on the continent
since the days of legend.

Borne upon an abominable alliance of ruthlessly enduring vendetta, military
might, and the terrible machinations of Imperator Glaaki and his Chaos Court,
rises Ashtan, the Seat of Chaos. Their profane aims are wrought with havoc and
destruction, utter ruin brought to bear against the orderly social and
theological structures that would dare oppose the Bastion and her hermetic

Through irreverent and wanton devastation shall this favoured state wade;
ambitious aspirants to power and glory, as they pave the way with rubble for
the dominion of Chaos.