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The God Agatheis was slain on Nishnatoba in 613 AF by Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

Agatheis, the Elemental Lord, was one of the Elder Gods created by Ayar at the
dawn of Creation and was the first Immortal to master full control of the
elements. The teachings of Agatheis did not promote worship of the elements, but
focused on learning ways to control and manipulate them.

Long before the War of Humanity, Agatheis spent many years inside Yggdrasil,
the World Tree, where he experimented with elemental control. As He meditated
and perfected His power, an experiment gone awry resulted in the life-giving,
heatless flame that burns inside the tree today. The fabled flame is said to
have the power to resurrect bodies that are placed into it.

As part of the Triumvirate, Lord Agatheis helped attempt to overthrow the reign
of Proteus in the War of Humanity. It was Agatheis who brought the tiger-like
race of Rajamala from a far-off planet to act as troops during the war. After
their defeat, each Member of the Triumvirate was imprisoned, and Agatheis was
bound into the form of a unicorn. Many centuries later, the benevolent Logos
freed Him.

The Divine Symbol of Agatheis, the Elemental Lord, was a black diamond divided
into four smaller diamond-shaped segments facing the cardinal directions.
Starting at the north and moving in a clockwise fashion, the segments are:
Water, represented by the colour blue, and a sapphire gemstone; Earth,
represented by the colour green, and an emerald gemstone; Fire, represented by
the colour red, and a ruby gemstone; and Air, represented by the colour yellow,
and a topaz gemstone.