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19.11 Administrators and Special Administrators


Administrators (also called Admins) are immortals who oversee policy and
customer service in Achaea. 

They are not Gods, but have many of the same powers as Gods, endowed upon
them by Divine will so that they may carry out their duties with ease.

Makarios and Nicola are the Producers of Achaea and have at their disposal a
number of administrators to whom they have delegated responsibility.

Four Administrators exist solely to handle issues:
- Senior Administrator Lathis
- Administrator Meletus
- Administrator Anytus
- Administrator Lycon

Two Special Administrators deal with more delicate matters (not issues):
(Please don't contact a special admin unless one first contacts you.)
- Aspasia
- Aquinas

Admins and Roles
Unlike Gods, they have no real 'in character' role. The Gods of Achaea 
should be considered as always being 'in character.' You would be wise 
never to try to contact a God regarding customer service matters. Gods are
not here for customer service. We cannot guarantee what will happen to you 
if you ask the Lord of the Oceans, for example, or the Goddess of Vengeance 
to "help me with my pet not resetting to me." But it probably won't be 

If you see an Admin in the realms (the name will be bright white on QW/WHO),
feel free to contact him or her with any customer service needs or questions
you might have. If you do not see one online, use ISSUES to contact them.

If an Admin asks you a question, please answer it; your cooperation in any
activity an Admin undertakes can only benefit Achaea as a whole - please
give your maximum assistance.