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18.10 A few definitions

The odds-and-ends of definitions for words that didn't really seem to fit
elsewhere, but do get asked about a lot!

18.10.1   Everything
18.10.2   Tabards
18.10.3   Pikes
18.10.4   Polearms
18.10.5   Ashlar
18.10.6   Tunics
18.10.7   Shifts
18.10.8   Jackdaws
18.10.9   Flagons           Also chalice and goblet
18.10.10  Entomology        Another way to talk about BUGs
18.10.11  Plinths
18.10.12  Mead              Drink hearty
18.10.13  Phials            One more thing to put stuff in
18.10.14  Charms            Charms and Charm Bracelets: Pretty Jewellery
18.10.15  De Gustibus       Non Disputandum Est
18.10.16  Bog               Slowin' down?
18.10.17  Ribbons
18.10.18  Blizzard          The weather outside is frightful!
18.10.19  Wind Chimes
18.10.20  Nets              Especially for Butterflies
18.10.21  Surcoat
18.10.22  Doublet
18.10.23  Various Clothing  For the truly ignorant