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24.4 Raw Commodities

Your miners will unearth a variety of raw commodities as they work on a lode.
These can then be refined into usable commodities at a later time.

Raw commodities and their finished product
Coal        :    A piece of coal (No refinement needed)
Carbon      :    Steel bar (also requires one iron ore)
Fibre       :    A spool of cloth OR a length of rope
Gold ore    :    Gold bar
Impure ice  :    Cube of elemental ice
Iron ore    :    Iron bar
Platinum ore:    Platinum bar
Raw bone    :    Polished bone
Raw gems    :    Small gems
Raw obsidian:    A piece of obsidian
Raw stone   :    A block of stone
Silver ore  :    Silver bar

In the camp outside a mining stronghold simply REFINE <x> <finished comm>. For
example, REFINE 5 PLATINUM will attempt to convert 5 platinum ore into platinum bars.

Each refined commodity will require a piece of coal to power the refining
process. If you wish to refine 5 gold ore you will need 5 coal.

Raw commodities are converted 1:1 to the finished commodity in almost all
cases. The only exception here is steel, which requires iron ore and carbon to

Commodities required in the refining process (including coal) will be drawn
automatically from your rift if you do not have any in your inventory.

Lode locations
Lodes for the various raw commodities can be found in the following

                  Valley     Hills     Desert     Mountains    Tundra    Polar
Carbon              x          x                      x
Iron ore                       x          x           x           x
Raw obsidian                   x                      x
Silver ore          x          x          x
Gold ore                       x          x           x
Platinum ore        x                     x           x
Raw gems            x                     x           x
Coal                           x                      x           x
Raw bone            x                     x                       x
Impure ice                                            x                    x
Raw stone                      x                      x
Fibre               is gained via FORAGING, see HELP FORAGERS