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8.2.16 The Dawnblade

From the watery islets of Targossas, the thunderous might of the Dawnblade
resounds. Focused upon the ideals of Mastery, Excellence, and Heroism, they are
the revered warriors of the sacred cause: defending the weak, protecting the
innocent, and upholding the sanctity of Targossas.

Specifically, the Dawnblade focus upon the mastery of their respective skills,
seeking combat excellence. Through dedication, and an understanding of time's
influence, the House drives forward in a constant effort to protect the tenets
of Good. Those of the Dawnblade believe that the enemies of Creation must be
expunged from the lands in order for Creation to remain in its most natural
state: the only way forward is to scourge the realm of these vermin. Thus, its
forces are required to actively defend Targossas, and partake in the physical
eradication of Evil, Darkness, and Chaos.