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8.19 Househelp editing, creating, deleting

(See also: HELP EDITOR, HELP 6.28, and HELP 6.10)

HOUSEEDIT, also known as "House help edit" is the ability for House Leaders and
those in House positions invested with this power to create, change, and remove
scrolls in their House help (HHELP) index. House help (HHELP) texts are very
important to all members of a House and should be used to inform House members
about whatever is needful for their success in the House.  

Creating a House Help (Hhelp) Scroll

This will create a new scroll with the name you have designated and bring you
automatically into the Achaean editor where you will write the new information
in the blank fields. When you are done and have saved your work, there will be
a new scroll listed in HHELP INDEX for those in the House to read.

Editing an existing House help (HHELP) scroll
HOUSEHELP EDIT <existingscroll>

Editing an existing scroll is very similar to creating a new one. The only
difference is in the name of the scroll you would use. For example, if a scroll
titled HHELP PROMOTION already exists, when you enter the syntax HOUSEHELP EDIT
PROMOTION, it will take you into the Achaean editor and allow you to update the
pre-existing text with new information without needing to delete the scroll and
start over. 
Deleting an existing House help (HHELP) scroll
HOUSEHELP DELETE <existingscroll>

Deleting a scroll will remove it completely from the HHELP INDEX. This can be
used to remove out-dated scrolls. It should be noted that when deleting a
scroll, any scrolls pertaining to the deleted scroll should be modified so
members of the House don't search for a scroll that no longer exists.  

(See also: HELP EDITOR, HELP 6.28, and HELP 6.10)