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18.6.1 Dragon Lairs

Dragon lairs are something of a cross between a club house and a relaxation area for those dragons who have proven themselves capable of completing "The Dragon Quest" and its accompanying foray.

Each primary dragon colour has its own lair, and access is granted by roaring at the appropriate location within Ashaxei's mirror in the Mhojave Desert - a fitting spot for a draconic sanctuary.

Spending too much time within any lair is impossible, and you will find that a mighty dragon is only able to laze so long before you find yourself returned to Achaea proper.

No dragon lair would be complete without an impressive hoard, and this is no exception. 

The hoard is a collective pool of gold amassed by all dragons sharing your primary colour. There are two primary ways to increase this pool:

1. Gold that is 'missed' from the hunting gold cap will automatically be transferred into your hoard.

2. The HOARD ENDOW command allows manual deposits to directly increase your reserves.

This gold can be turned to a number of temporary perks which enhance your prowess, activated by use of the HOARD INVEST command:

- Enhanced endurance regeneration for all within your lair
- Enhanced willpower regeneration for all within your lair
- A bonus to experience conferred upon all your fellow coloured dragons
- A critical hit chance bonus to all dragons of your colour

These are just the first in a number of planned updates to the lairs, neglecting your hoard is ill-advised!

Useful commands:

- ROAR: Grants access to the dragon lair of your primary colour, provided you have unlocked it!
- HOARD BOONS: Lists boons available or currently active within your lair
- HOARD ENDOW <amount>: Adds to the dragon hoard
- HOARD INVEST <boon>: Purchases an upgrade for the lair!
- RANKINGS ENDOWERS: A prestigious ranking of the highest lair contributors!