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19.10.21 Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune can be found in the Ace of Spades Casino in New Thera. Spinning it rewards a wide selection of prizes!

While the Wheel is active, all Achaeans can enjoy one free spin per day, provided they've been logged in for at least an hour. Prizes for these FREE spins include:

- Critical hit bonus
- Xp bonus
- Experience
- Lessons
- Wheel spin tokens (see below)
- Credits
- Rare minerals
- Woodland collections cache.

Additional prismatic tokens are available via the Achaean website ( for a chance at the biggest prizes! SPIN WHEEL WITH TOKEN to use tokens this way.

All premium spins award raffle tickets on top of the existing prize pool, and
throughout November we'll be having two raffles, one drawn on the 15th and 
one on the 30th.
Each raffle will have three winners, and the prize is very special indeed: a
custom scrapper minipet designed by the garden team. Due to its unique nature,
this scrapper will be of gold prestige from the outset, but will begin at level
1 as normal.

The premium prize list for the most recent Wheel of Fortune promotion is as follows:

- Various credit prizes
- Interlocking caches that open for the Black Wave and Races sets
- Class specific artefacts
- Artefact pipes
- Racetrack tickets
- Artefact discount vouchers
- Artefact upgrade credits
- Lessons
- Ultimate Collections caches
- Customisation credits
- Phials of shimmering ink
- Spin tokens
- Pages for the Tome of Muses (see HELP TOME OF MUSES)
- Bloodstained shards of enamel for the locket
- Artefact vials
- Ice figurines
- Lessons
- Giftboxes (see below)
- Scrapper Tokens (see HELP PROMOTIONAL ITEMS)

Giftboxes come in four different varieties, tied with bronze, silver, gold, or platinum ribbon, and each of these will offer you a variety of prizes.

When you open a giftbox you will be given a range of prizes to choose from, simply enter the number of the prize you want to claim and it will be yours!

Bronze ribboned giftboxes offer a choice of:
- A gilded page
- A brooch of tempest
- A gilded pike
- A wyrmskin pack
- A dragonskin quiver
- A serpentine keyring
- A cask of ironbeard's finest
- A  steel stiletto
- A fire pendant

Silver ribboned giftboxes offer a choice of: 
- A ring of endurance
- A circlet of will
- A ring of vitality
- A ring of meditation
- Mayan bracelets
- Goggles of whitesight
- A twitching eye gem
- Prospero's lesser vault
- A tippler's tap

Gold ribboned giftboxes offer a choice of: 
- A hunter's belt
- Pixie boots
- Ogre gauntlets
- An epicurean sash
- A Mayan ring
- A ring of Noxtra
- A Shackle of Garash
- A Lasillian lyre
- A prismatic ring
- A wand of reflections
- A ring of the magus

Platinum ribboned giftboxes offer a choice of:
- A stone of the lesser lorewarden
- A gem of rapid transmutation
- A grimoire of hasty adaptation
- A girdle of Aegis
- Atavian wings
- Ethereal boots
- Logosian gauntlets
- A sash of Caymus
- A Logosian ring
- A ring of Lunastra