Celani Applications Are Now ALWAYS Open!

In case you missed the subject, we will now always be accepting celani applications!

You can also read HELP CELANI for all of this information!

We are currently seeking: Aegis, Gaia, Lorielan, Prospero, Scarlatti, Twilight, Valnurana, Vastar

If you are dying to be one of these Gods, OR have a new role in mind, OR you’re unsure about a specific role but want to take your storytelling and roleplay experience to another level, please read on!

Makarios and I want to teach and enable you to take your creativity to new heights with a whole suite of tools at your fingertips! The Celani application (way down at the bottom of this post) is the first step towards elevating your roleplay.

We can all tell when someone is passionate about something, that joy and interest shines through, and that’s just as true for storytelling or monster making or writing as it is any other hobby. We want our celani to find what they’re passionate about and then enable them to let that enthusiasm shine.

But, being one of our Gods is a position of trust, and we won’t send you out there unprepared. We want your experience and the experiences you create for the other players to be awesome, we want tension, pride coming before falls, bloody retribution, poignant memories, and glorious redemptions. To allow you to do all of that and more, we want to prepare you for what’s ahead, so read on to learn what the celani experience is like, what our expectations are, and what you’ll go through if you’re successful!

  • A brief boring note first: You must be over the age of 18 to apply for celani, and we ask for a minimum activity average of 12 hours a week.

Just like players, but without the bashing, we use levels to track celani and Demigod progress! Levels 1 through 19 are celani, and at level 20 you’re a Demigod. Complete level 39 and you should be poised to take on your Godrole!

Celani (can be completed in 3 weeks, usually takes 6-10):

  • You will read a whole heap of things, create your celani journal wikipage, and then describe yourself! This will be your first real run in with our writing standards and we’ll go back and forth until your celani is picture perfect! This is worth 1 level.
  • You are introduced to item and creature creation and you will make your own pet! This is worth 3 levels.
  • You will make yourself a room, and undertake proofreading to get it up to our writing standards! This is a great place to drop all your old event junk, mine has a few camels in it still from 2014. This is worth 1 level.
  • You will learn how to possess denizens for roleplay and complete a small interaction using a denizen. This is worth 2 levels.
  • You will learn how to design and create a quest. This is worth 2 levels.
  • You will plan and execute a minievent, these usually only last a couple of hours and involve at least 2 denizens. This is worth 3 levels.

The other 6 levels are earned through freeform tasks.

It’s really important to us that our God players can self motivate and feel like they can bring their ideas to life, so at this stage we want celani to start pitching their own ideas!

  • If you loved making a room you can choose to do more building, either a new area, expanding something existing, updating something old, or fixing description related typos.
  • If you loved making quests or building the behaviour for your pet you can expand behaviours for denizens in the land, make more quests, fix some prog bugs, or create something new!
  • If denizen possession and roleplay was your favourite, you can plan and execute another event!
    The level value for these tasks will be assigned based on the specifics!

At level 20 you are a Demigod! You’ve learned how to do all of the basics, now it’s time to flex those muscles and get more involved.

You will become an assistant to at least one of our Patron Gods, some demigods are even visible to and interact with the players!

  • Shadowing your Patron, you’ll learn all about being “godly”, interacting with players, and how to be a patron. You will help handling any org requests (4 levels)
  • You will help them behind the scenes with org based events/expansions. (4 levels)
  • You will plan and execute an event of your own for your organisation with your Patron’s guidance. (4 levels)

At this stage you have 8 levels remaining to earn, and can do so from the following task list:

  • Helping with more patron org requests.
  • Planning and running events.
  • Spontaneous denizen possession.
  • Quest and behaviour creation/fixing.
  • Making stuff! Either with the team on any “Big stuff” going on or individually planned projects.
  • Generally being an awesome part of the roleplay crew and pitching in wherever, new things crop up all of the time!

When you hit level 35 you will also have a chat with Nicola to cement your Godrole decision and begin your research and planning while you finish up Demigod!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Will I be able to go back to being a player?
Yes, usually the day you ask for it too. With the caveat that if you’ve been exposed to some ongoing plot shenanigans, you might be asked to wait for that to be released before you can log your mortal back in.

What about issues/bugs/crafts/customisations?
Celani, Demigods, and Gods don’t handle any of the admin stuff of Achaea. UNLESS the issues or bugs are about a thing you have made, we might ask you for the answers to the questions, or to fix any bits and bobs that need fixing.

Writing and proofreading is really intimidating, am I doomed?
YES! You will be doomed to the red pen of corrections! But we use a very specific style here in the Garden and we will teach everyone how to do everything (and we will proofread and double check anything any of us write.)

I can’t code, so I can’t be a God?
You don’t need to code, I can’t code either! We do have a pseudo-code (prog) we use for creating mob and item behaviours, but we will teach you that, and we have a whole bucket of toys to play with while you learn.

I have massive stagefright/fall asleep without warning/internet that won’t stay connected for more than 5 mins at a time, can I still be a God?
We can assess through celani and see if this is going to be a problem. Our highest priority is the experience of the players, so if we have concerns about your being able to be present and follow something through with them, we will err on the side of caution and protect their experience.

You’ve made it this far, let’s goooo!

If you have further questions about the godroles, the process, or anything related to this, please email Nicola@achaea.com and ask!

If you want to take the leap and apply to join the team send the following information to the same email (that’s Nicola@achaea.com):

  1. Your real name and the names of any Achaea characters you’ve had.
  2. Your real age.
  3. Tell us about your most memorable roleplay experience.
    This could be from Achaea or elsewhere.
    Tell us why it was so memorable and what you learned/took from it.
  4. Describe something!
    This could be a description of an item, a room, a creature, a person, or this could be a 6 sentence maximum plan for an event.
    Please make this a fresh description/plan, not something you have made/written in the past.
    Read HELP MORTAL BUILDERS and HELP STYLE for guidance!
    If you are writing an event plan, remember to make space for players to get involved.
  5. Why you want to be a god!
    Include what part excites you the most and what part worries you the most.
  6. Tell us something surprising about yourself!

7 – OPTIONAL – If you have been a team member in the past, please explain why it did not work last time.