Tis the Logosmas Season

As the starry Rose took prominence upon the night’s sky in 905 AF, Logosmas swept across Sapience bringing with it the gift of friends both old and new.


In the Southern Vashnars, the city of Cyrene was blessed by the return of an old guard: Iclia, a winter-borne traveller and talented frost mage. She met and made friends with the citizens before following them to the shores of the Muurn where they spoke poems and sung carols of Logosmas cheer. Feeling festive and merry, Iclia used her talents to freeze the lake solid, conjuring forth a wintry wonderland and an ice skater’s paradise for the Heart of the Vashnars to enjoy.

With a loud, raucous whistling and coarse yelling, Triftee Twinkle made her return to the Dawnspear, plying her glittery wares and beautiful baubles to any who would buy them. But none of her ornaments shined nearly as bright as the tree of Light and Fire that rose within Silverbright Square, conveying the Bloodsworn’s blessing amid the Logosmas season.

Meanwhile, Hashan met with a rather excitable mhun – a demolitionist, scientist, and saboteur all in one. Mokzan was his name, and a deal he did strike with the city’s Seneschal. In exchange for use of the Court’s metallurgy lab and assistance in studying some rather potent halfling coal, he would synthesise festive Logosmas firecrackers for all the citizens to explode.

Thomor Tuskbane, a wild walker from the tundral north, came to visit the village of Eleusis in search of fellow worshippers of Nature. Devoted to the Goddess he calls the Wintermother, the rotund dwarf taught the villagers of his family’s traditional Logosmas hunt of boar and the merry feasting that always followed.

While traditional Logosmas celebrations are uncommon in Mhaldor, the next Step in the Dance of the Vault is often seen as a reverent occasion. Ash and smoke tainted the fog-touched air as the Tree of Weakness awoke once more in the graveyard, and rumour has it still that the malign warriors of Evil prepare a tithe of Blood to be offered before the Lord.

Throughout the Chaos-touched streets of Ashtan a Demigod does make merry in his own particular way, splattering a tall pine in blood and gore for all the citizens to enjoy. His song, discordant and strange, continues to spread, and who knows where it shall end?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Logosmas comes to Sapience and several faces both old and new join the cities to celebrate the festive season.