July is here!

We’re staring down the barrel of the second half of 2022! This will include Achaea’s 25th birthday, Mayaween, the Championship Games, Logosmas, and more!

For July we have a couple of stories we’re eager to tell, one ongoing, and we’re working on an expansion to the renown system!

Tomorrow we’ll be drawing the raffle prize winners and their event participating counterparts.

For now we’ll just cover the promotion change:

This month you can find talisman caches, legend deck card sleeves, artefacts, and lesson packages all on sale at www.achaea.com/credits

For those who buy talisman caches:

  • If you buy set specific caches you’ll get a high value piece from that set for every 10 caches bought.
  • If you have Iron Elite you’ll get another cache for every 10 purchased. This 10 is set specific, when you have purchased 10 of a set, you’ll get another cache for that set.

We’ll also be adding an additional discount (approximately a further 10%) to certain sections of the artecart! (This discount will not affect in game prices.)

1st through 10th – Defensive and Offensive artefacts
11th through 20th – Class artefacts and Artefact armour
21st through 31st – Crafting, Tradeskill, and Miscellaneous artefacts
These changes can also be found on UPCOMING

Leaders, keep an eye on your letters this month, coordination will be beginning for a big event!