Wyvernologist isn’t a title!

Date: 24th of Scarlatan, 888 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire
Name: Sinyar, the Draconologist
Topic: Recent events

I apologise, it has been a while since I mailed a letter to update you on my studies. Now, where do I even begin?

I broke down on the side of the Prelatorian Highway in the middle of Aeguary 888AF. Thankfully, there were a few strangers travelling nearby that offered help, supplies, and a lively conversation about my studies. One friendly adventurer, whose name was Clodhna, was quick to volunteer her assistance with our work, so I entrusted her to escort our young forest wyvern to the Northreach Forest.

Satisfied that our wyvern was safe within the forested depths of the Northreach, I asked another adventurer by the name of Tahquil to help me hire a local guard to protect our wagon. She happily obliged, travelling to nearby Delos to hire an armed soldier whose name I never had the opportunity to learn. It was only a few days after I began working on repairs that tragedy struck; our wyverns broke loose from their wooden crates, slaying that poor Delosian and wounding my right leg. With my wounds still bleeding, I was ferried to New Thera where I received medical care from the healer Kamilla and a place to rest in the Wanderer’s Inn.

It did not take long for our young magma wyvern to cause trouble. He flew halfway across Sapience to the continent of Meropis, igniting an explosive wildfire in heart of the Atrousian Jungle. The flames raged for nearly half a day before I met a blue dragon by the name of Eoka, and a plan was formed. Utilising her draconic magic, Eoka chilled the air over the Atrousian Jungle and provoked the volcanic wyvern to land. Two other dragons (named Yen and Veldrin) quickly calmed the beast with a feast of red meat (my idea!) before safely relocating him in the torrid depths of Nuskuwe.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to rest before more adventurers scrambled to the inn. Lake Vundamere was toiling beneath a howling blizzard – our frost wyvern was to blame. Worried about the local wildlife, two Eleusians stepped forward and introduced themselves as Crixus and Ryssa. They had a plan to lure the creature out of the frigid storm and into the open. Crixus, being an elemental Lord of Fire, would ignite a red-hot flame upon the lakeshore, irritating the icy draconid enough that she would swoop out of the skies and down to the earth. It went off without a hitch, allowing two more villagers (I am told their names were Shirszae and Satum) to safely soothe our hungry wyvern with some fresh fish and take her to the far northern tundra to nest.

I did mention in my last report my hunch about sea wyverns and their capacity for flooding, right? Well, I’m glad to report that my analysis was correct. Our aquatic draconid caused havoc in the Siroccian mountains when he filled the dwarven mines with saltwater. Despite the dangers, our helpful dragon-mage Veldrin returned with a colleague by the name of Laetetia to assist the dwarves and drive the foreign creature from the tunnels. Together they evoked some sort of ancient, earthen magic, forcing our young wyvern out of the mines and into the nearby campsite. It was there that Ryssa and another villager named Cailin were able to soothe the disturbed beast and safely relocate it to an underwater cave near Sea Lion Cove.

I am beyond thankful that this matter has been settled. You can expect to find me in Dun Swamp for a while, since I’ve heard word about a unique species of wyvern that nests deep underground. You will, of course, receive a dove with a full report once I have studied it.

I would very much appreciate meeting you in person. Perhaps we can have dinner? I’ve never had dinner with royalty before.

Your humble academic,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Sinyar, the Draconologist was travelling across Sapience when his wagon broke down, and the wyverns he was transporting broke loose. They caused all sorts of harm and havoc over the next few months, as several adventurers worked to calm them down and relocate them to safer environments.