The Light Rekindled

The fluttering of doves filled the air above Targossas in the month of Phaestian, 879 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire. With trained aplomb the avians pecked at their bindings and delivered simple missives to the Dawnspear’s leaders: invites for all the city to join in an expedition across Yggdrasil.

Hesitant and uncertain, the citizens approached with weary caution, for the letters bore no marking and no signature. But after deliberation the Dawnlord agreed that Targossas would assemble, and at the very least determine who had sent such tantalising invitations.

And so it was that on the 7th of Aeguary, in the year 880 after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, the priests, mages, soldiers, scholars, and a one-handed but valiant atavian child of Targossas gathered upon the Champions’ Bridge. Reality itself shivered with expectant portent, the exertion of some great Will setting the air to thrumming before a luminous rift tore itself open in the space above the cobbled stones.

“Enter,” a soft voice resonated.

The Dawnlord was first to step through the gateway, there to be met by the aureate resplendence of the Goddess Aurora, the Lightbringer, and beside Her the God Deucalion, the Righteous Fire. Targossas knelt before the Bloodsworn Divine for the first time in decades.

As had been promised in the missives granted the Dawnspear’s citizenry, Deucalion wove for the gathered followers of Good a girding armament of His own Primordial Flame, the two Gods carrying Their mortals across the myriad planes of Creation’s grand expanse in both revelation and reminder of their sacred charge. Yet it was at their final destination, suspended in the fathomless black surrounding the shimmering spire and spheres of Celestia, that the truest purpose of Their charge to Targossas resounded.

From the lips of Aurora did words spill forth in Divine import, once more renewing the duties of Targossas beneath the watchful gaze of the Righteous Fire and the Lightbringer.

Summary: Targossas was invited to an expedition across the expanse of Yggdrasil, and upon their arrival came to learn that their hosts would be the Gods Aurora and Deucalion. In the conclusion of Their travels, the Bloodsworn revealed matters of import to the Dawnspear, returning Their gaze to the Prime Material Plane.