Knight Updates

It has been our belief for a long time that knighthood in Achaea as an institution has suffered a great deal over the years. Between the changes from guilds to houses, the transition from old houses to new, the introduction of multiclass and many other factors, it has mostly survived in its current form due to the dedication of certain players and the clan-based organisations they run. So when you read this next part, please don’t panic:

With Unnamable and the Paladin rework, we have also removed Chivalry as a skill from all knights and replaced it with a different skill for each of the (former) knight classes (same functionality, divergent theme). We believe that chivalry as a class-based skill is actually fairly problematic to these knighthood organisations, since they have no real way to enforce their standards on members of said classes. Each of these new skills has their own loyal (Runewardens retain falcons).

Runewarden’s new skill is DISCIPLINE, and Infernal’s is MALIGNITY.

With the move away from knights as a class towards a more general warrior archetype, its now the longterm goal for each faction to have their own incarnation of a warrior style class since we like these for org identity. Historically knighthood hasn’t really fit some organisations as a concept, but since this is changing now this is something you can expect!

The new paladin skill is EXCISION, and the new skill for Unnamables is ANATHEMA. These are the Targossas and Ashtan factional knights respectively.

These changes are only the first few stages of a very large project. We are working closely with some of Achaea’s more notable knights to ensure that the age of chivalry is well supported going forward, and the plan has always been to take input on what comes next.