Underworld update!

We’ve just completed a fairly significant (and long overdue!) rewrite of the Underworld politics system, and forced an evaluation which has resulted in Gerzson and Kemnast taking over the throne temporarily and dislodging Prioska and Asztrik.

Scores have all been zeroed and a full rebalancing of points and tallies behind the scenes now means that rotating the Vice-Royals in and out is fully functional and much easier to achieve than the (admittedly non functional) former setup.

Going forward, scores will now properly be assessed every 3 years on 1st Sarapin and the dominant faction in that 3 year period will ascend to the throne and their forces will be redeployed to the main areas (Damienne, Shtlenii, Anthrish, Abhal, Unsguul, and Tenunigick).

As this is the first time the swap has happened since the Underworld rework, there are likely to be some tuning problems with the new denizens roaming around these main areas. I’ll be keeping an eye on them but if anything seems particularly egregious, file a bug with your feedback and I’ll look into it ASAP.