New Forays!

As most of you have no doubt just observed, thanks to the efforts of Yudhishthira and the Conclave, there are now five new forays available!

Memories of the Second Conclave Reckoning have been recaptured and made available for intrepid dungeoneering groups. SIGN for these exactly as you would normally. Each of these new forays behaves in a similar fashion to the others, with a slight twist: the boss denizens are available from the start, leaving it up to you whether to engage the boss immediately and risk the ire of their supporting forces, or take a more strategic approach.

On top of that, you can now BUY INSURANCE at the foray board! The cost of this scales based on the foray and your group size. If you’ve paid your premium, you will be able to CALL FOR AID instead of embracing death to be resurrected outside your foray after the death sequence concludes.

Double experience is now in effect for the next 3 days, and as birthday month continues, we have a Great Hunt starting at the next Serenade, as well as yet more class showcases to come.