Ship Happens

From nowhere, an unexpected earthquake wracked Delos and the surrounding lands, causing the structural failures of Hashan’s planetarium to be made very evident.

As the vaunted observatory teetered under its own weight and threatened collapse, Lord Twilight manifested in defence of His city, securing the wavering tower in a woven shield of darkfire before it could fall. Though the eventual damage was minimal, Gaear street lies in rubble, the Disc of the Nocturne cast from the roof and shattered in twain.

Finally the quakes began to subside, yet as they did so, an exceptionally low tide was witnessed all down the Eastern coastline as the waters receded, a great power in the deep oceans drawing the seas back from the sand.

Near a day later the eastern horizon shifted, rising above the distant blue norm. At a painstakingly slow pace it continued to rise, a great wall of water moving inexorably landward, casting its ominous shadow over all it passed.

The Targossians worked hurriedly to evacuate the lower islands as the streets of the Dawnspear cooled beneath the shadow of the impending tidal wave, gathering all who would listen about the Flames of Dawn, the defensive heart of the city.

Lady Aurora descended from the Garden to join Her faithful, standing with scimitars ready to defend the Dawnspear. Armed and resolute in Her intention to protect Her charge, the shining Goddess addressed the massing populace and instructed them to join with Her, to stand united.

With Her faithful prepared the Lady ascended to a view of the city from which She commanded an immense shield wall as the water hurtled forth.

Upon the ground the tall figure of Sothantos de l’Evanoir, ex-Dawnlord was seen passing through the streets. Perhaps he was sweeping for citizens left behind or securing evacuees, but he soon entered the Luminai tower, the Eye of Dawn.

In the wake of the blademaster’s departure from the tower, after which he hastened from the city, the incoming wave slammed against the radiant shield of Light. The ships and creatures of the deep carried in its surf were decimated by the devastating impact. But behind the frothing horses loomed a larger vessel…

A massive war galley, lagging behind the ruined froth, careened up and over the raging swell, teetering at the very brink before keeling over the wave and the protective wall both. Only the Luminai tower stood in its way, helpless but to break its inevitable fall. Rubble remains of the Eye of Dawn, its gaze across Sapience broken by the catastrophic events.

Classless even in the aftermath of disaster, the Wayward Heir saw fit to remind Achaea that she still offered insurance for the cities who had not been affected, though it is suspected Her rates have gone up.