Daily Credits – Adventures!

This is a huge update that we’ve been excited about since we begun working on Adventures back in February 2019! Completing adventures rewards with renown, but this now translates automatically to bound credits!

Adventures can now be completed every day, without being locked to theme!

You can complete multiple adventures each day!

There will still be a rotating theme, and the first adventure on theme you complete each day will reward with double renown!

Renown has been adjusted across the board.

Adventures can only be embarked on once per day per person.

Questing adventures have been removed.

Questing will be a passive adventure that you do not need to embark upon.

Renown (up to the cap) will be awarded based on completion of quest system quests.

Each quest completed will only count once for renown per person, per day.

Questing is not considered part of any adventure theme.

Questing in excessively low level areas will not reward higher level players, AREAS is a good guide of whether or not an area will be appropriate for you.

Quests completed in areas that are suitable for levels 90 and above will reward renown for all.

For every 100 renown earned in a day, you will earn 1 bound credit. This caps out at 2000 renown per day, (20 bound credits)!

Renown cannot be earned past 2000 and will not carry over, renown values reset at Serenade.

All existing renown will be converted as per this system, 5 renown converting to 1 bound credit. This does not affect your renown gain for today.

Commands are:
ADVENTURE EMBARK <#> – Embark on your chosen adventure
ADVENTURE LIST [easy/medium/hard/seafaring/conflict/exploration/hunting] – List the adventures available to you. As you complete an adventure it will be removed from the list.
ADVENTURE RECALL – Recall the details of your chosen adventure.
ADVENTURE REJECT – Reject your chosen adventure.
ADVENTURE THEME – Show the current theme for a sweet double renown adventure.
RENOWN/SCORE RESOURCES – How much renown you have earned today.