It Smells So Bad!

Another use for those denizen corpses!

The El’Jazira tannery has been rebuilt and now you can butcher certain animals for skins and deliver them to the tannery to be turned into leather commodities!

Another step in our journey to convert all commodities to be generated by players, we’ve introduced a working tannery!

Players who are able to butcher corpses via GATHERING can now BUTCHER FOR SKINS, and any resulting skins can be taken to the tannery in El’Jazira!

When in the tannery, use the TANNERY command:
TANNERY DELIVER <number of skins>

One skin will become one leather with a thirty gold service charge.

Anyone can drop skins off at the tannery.

The tannery has a maximum capacity of 4500, and a single person can only drop off 50 skins per month.

Your leather will be delivered to you at the end of the Achaean month!