Ruined Town

We’ve just released a huge overhaul to the way exploration works in Achaea, and new, consumeable maps purchaseable for gold to see how much of an area you’ve currently explored!

Exploration has been in a bit of a sticky situation over the past many years, and we’ve finally sat down and decided to revamp it. This comes in a few separate changes of varying degrees.

First, the dreaded rule of threes. Bane of explorer and coder alike. Some of you know about the rule, some of you don’t, but previously only one in three rooms in Achaea counted for exploration, and which rooms were selected was a bit arbitrary as far as their actual placement was concerned. This led to a lot of areas being worth significantly more or less than they should have been, in the grand scheme of things. This rule is no more! Now, some of you may realize that this causes a bit of an issue, with what was and was not tracked being moved over to the new system. Fear not! Your current progress has been updated based on exploration in rooms that were nearby, or that were pre-requisites to reach your current room. Keep in mind that there are a few exceptions, such as special exits, hidden rooms, and a few more, so if one of your top-secret hidey-holes didn’t count for exploration before, you’ll likely have to revisit it.

We’ve also removed all old/defunct areas and stockrooms from counting.

Lastly, for those of you without an Explorer’s Tome, keeping track of your progress can be a bit of a hassle. Fear not! A cartographer has set up shop in Delos, where you may purchase blank maps for a measly sum of five thousand sovereigns. These single-use items can be used to gain a rough estimate of your exploration progress in an area, via SURVEY FOR MAP.

See the Announce news in game for all of the specifics!