Formal Adventuring!


While you have adventures of your own every day in Achaea’s world, the game offers more than many have a chance to experience. With the introduction of the Adventure system, Phileo in Delos will be rewarding people who complete his varied tasks with renown!

But this isn’t just something that will give you bragging rights at your tavern of choice, renown can be spent on a variety of rewards, including gold, lessons, and even artefacts!

As of this release, there are currently four adventure themes: Conflict, Seafaring, Hunting, and Exploration/Questing.

Adventures are offered in a cyclical system. The theme will change four times every in-game year. These changes will take place on the first day of Sarapin, Miraman, Valnuary, and Chronos.

While a theme is active, you are able to choose whether you want an Easy, Medium, or Hard adventure. Once you’ve chosen, you have until the theme changes to complete it!

You might get an adventure that is too difficult or not to your taste. But do not fret! You can REJECT this adventure, which will allocate a new one for you for a gold cost. This can only be done once per theme period, however, so be careful!

Once you complete an adventure, you will gain renown. It is rewarded for the completion, and your current level of renown is available on SCORE RESOURCES.

  • Easy adventures award 10 Renown
  • Medium adventures award 20 Renown
  • Hard adventures award 30 Renown

Renown does not decay, cannot be transferred or traded, and cannot be dropped.

Renown can be spent on the following rewards:

1 hour xp bonus (10%) – 10 renown
1 hour crit bonus (2%) – 10 renown
10,000 gold – 15 renown
6 lessons – 15 renown
30k gold cap increase – 20 renown
3 hour xp bonus (10%) – 25 renown
3 hour crit bonus (2%) – 25 renown
60 lessons – 140 renown
600 lessons – 1300 renown
an adventurer’s giftbox* – 2000 renown

Notes regarding rewards:

  1. The gold cap boost can only be purchased if you don’t already have one in effect.
  2. XP and crit bonuses will extend the timer if you purchase more than one.
  3. Artefacts from the adventurer’s giftbox CAN NOT be traded in.


ADVENTURE – See the current theme and related commands.
ADVENTURE REJECT – Reroll your adventure, this has a gold cost and can only be done once per theme.
ADVENTURE RECALL – What adventure are you working on?
SCORE RESOURCES or RENOWN – See how much renown you have earned.
ADVENTURE REWARDS LIST – See what you can buy with your renown.
ADVENTURE REWARDS CLAIM (reward) – Spend your hard earned renown.

Note: We may add more themes as time goes on! Completion time, Renown, and prizes will be adjusted if this happens.

HELP ADVENTURES has all of the details, and the giftbox prize list!

Have fun, and happy adventuring!