Auction Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

As the Mayaween month draws to a close, so to do our in game Auctions!

We have a host of lucky bidders taking home all sorts of prizes, from a custom built treehouse, to a translucent mask that won’t decay, and even a custom made pet.

Read on to see the full list.

  • Phylactery of sixth sense – Mindshell
  • Innate morphing armour – Aislin
  • Cursed Cottage OOS build – Lyrin
  • Gold inkbrush – Tiamat
  • Custom dragon description – Voc
  • Completed talisman – Zulah
  • Permanent translucent mask – Farrah
  • Racial language fluency – Tahquil
  • Feathered cloak – Antonius
  • Any legend deck card – Farrah
  • Level 1 talisman piece – Seragorn
  • Combination artefact – Qwindor
  • Package pet – Ygia
  • 200 housing credits – Zulah
  • Mayaween themed forging descriptor – Lenn
  • Portable stove – Kayeil
  • Choice of costume – Tiamat

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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