Q2 Classleads!


Alongside the various events running all month long, the team has been hard at work going through Quarter 2’s classlead submissions!

Some of the changes include:

* Classes that use certain weapons are now not more affected by CLUMSINESS than non weapon users. Classes affected are: Blademaster (all blade attacks), dual cutting knights, and priest (smite).

* New spirit: ADCHACHEL (outcast class).

* You may no longer SAY while PETRIFIED. This includes for RIDE HOME, DUANATHAR, and other such say-triggered escapes.

* New ability: BLUNDER.

* SERVERSIDE CURING will now raise SELFISHNESS when prone.
* Various room hinders now fire less aggressively if the caster is out of the effect’s room. Those affected are: AEONICS DISTORTION, DEVOTION PIETY, NECROMANCY GRAVEHANDS, and SUBTERFUGE PINSHOT.
* In light of the delay on speed being stripped, speeds time to come up as been halved to maintain the status quo for these mechanics. This does have some consequences, but they’re positive ones.
* Improved how serverside curing handles the speed defence.
* DIVE no longer acts as a bypass method for the TENSION affliction.

Read about all of the changes and additions over in the Classleads news section!