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9.66 Transmutation

Transmutation is the process of extracting alchemical minerals from the earth and transmutating one mineral into another.

The transmutation process begins by extracting out in the world and concludes in an alchemy laboratory. 

A practitioner of this art may draw minerals from the very earth in certain
environments; mountains, underground areas, and magma caves. When standing in
one of these rooms:

EXTRACT <prime>

After the primes are collected, head to your closest alchemy laboratory (these
are located in the major cities). Once there, one mineral can be converted into another, provided you have the necessary reactants:

TRANSMUTATE <#> <mineral> TO <mineral>

City transmuters are granted a stipend of 200 transmutation reactants per month. These reactants are stocked within the laboratory workspaces and you need not request them - simply begin transmutation and you will make use of your stipend.

Additional reactants can be purchased from the alchemists staffing each laboratory. Simply ask the alchemist to FILL <vial> WITH REACTANTS and they will do so for a modest fee.

The Cauda Pavonis has made temporary arrangements to take alchemical prime and metal stockpiles off the hands of mineral merchants. Affiliated alchemists in the laboratories will take 1000 primes or 2000 minerals in exchange for a full vial of reactants. Simply ask the alchemist to FILL <vial> WITH REACTANTS FOR <prime|metal>.