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9.36.2 Totems, ownership, and empowering

What are they?
Totems are crafted by practitioners of the Runelore skill. With the power of a
totem you may afflict your enemies or aid your allies. Totems may be carried
around or implanted in the ground, as is often the case, for the protection of
a place.

Who owns them?
They are owned by those who craft them until arrangements are made to designate
a new owner. Totems may report attempts to smudge or uproot them in some cases.

Designating a new totem owner
The crafter of an implanted totem may designate a new owner by
  DESIGNATE <person> AS OWNER OF <totem>
  DESIGNATE <org> AS OWNER OF <totem>

This indicates to the given person, order, or org (city, House, but 
not clan) that he or they can CLAIM the totem in order to accept
it as personal or organisational property.

Totem ownership does not change until the designated person, or a member of the
designated org, goes to the totem and does this:

   CLAIM <totem>

If the person does REJECT <totem> instead then the original crafter retains
ownership and may keep it or attempt to designate another new owner.

If the person does CLAIM <totem> then that person or org now owns the totem -
ownership transfer is complete. The only way to clear the ownership on a totem
is to uproot it.

Empowering a totem
A totem may be empowered by any person with Runelore skill at least as great as
the original crafter. Empowering is rather expensive in mana cost (1000 at
present). Empowering does not last forever. There is a small chance each
Achaean day (yes, day, not month) that any particular empowered totem will lose
the empowering.

If a totem is empowered, then it will report to its owner, or to its owning
organisation, when it is the object of hostile smudge or uprooting attempts.
Any such attempt is hostile if undertaken by someone not the owner, or not a
member of the owner's org.

Totem owners
Clans may not own totems. Other organisations, including houses, cities,
and orders, may. Individuals may also own totems.