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12.5.21 The village of Merrywick

Concealed by the towering cliffs bordering the northern edge of the Valley of Actar, the village of Merrywick nestles deep within the crags of the Southern Vashnar Mountains, an oasis of festive cheer within the otherwise bleak landscape. Home to the ever-jolly HoHoHo Society and the penny-pinching HaHaHa Society, innumerable halflings live in a perpetual uneasy truce within neatly separated rows of gingerbread housing, mirroring the simmering struggle for Logosmas supremacy that likewise divides the inhabitants of this otherwise idyllic township.

Clustered about the feet of twin cathedrals are a plethora of varied establishments, the warm scent of baking pastries mingling with the mellow notes of freshly-brewed halfnog. The braying of reindeer at the lists occasionally breaks through the hubbub of jovial halfling chatter, as lanterns of green and silver contest those of red and gold to light icy streets. Generosity or practicality, mundane and eccentric, all can be found within the bustle of Merrywick, where only the breadth of Cane Lane stands between charity and capitalism.

Scale the Actar cliffs and ring the bell for your chosen halfling team to begin your descent into Merrywick! If you have not signed up for a halfling faction, ringing the appropriate bell will set it for you!