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12.15.2 The Underworld

In the uttermost depths of Creation, pierced by the lowest of all Yggdrasil's
roots, is the source of every myth and fable of the hellish afterlife: the

Home to the Soulbleed, a vast nexus for all the life energy lost upon death,
this blasted land is the source of legion upon legion of undead, both mindless
and sapient alike. Discovered by the Aldar Ugrach and ruled by him for centuries
uncounted as the Lord of the Undead, the Underworld is undoubtedly one of the
single most dangerous places for the living in all of the vast multiverse. Every
being walking the crumbling rocky ground of this foul plane, from the lowly,
mindless skeleton to the mightiest of Kemnast's Death Knights, seeks the life
energy to which soulbleed is inexorably bound in all living things.
Following the demise of Lord Thoth in 715 AF, Ugrach at last surrendered his
position as unrivaled master of the plane. While the exiled Aldar went on to
assume a new role as the Curator of Death, the empty throne was assumed instead
by his son, Slith. As a great war consumed the length and breadth of the
Underworld, it was ultimately the assistance of Achaeans that heralded at last
the uneasy truce that would come to define the Court of the Damned.
With the reopening of its borders by planeswalking adventurers in the year 775
AF, once more the Underworld stands as a locale for the bravest - or most foolish
- seeking to prove themselves within its dark embrace.