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The Spawn of the Unnamable Horror is begotten from a being responsible for one
of the most atrocious misdeeds in Achaean history: the Rape of Maya. By that
single, monstrous act, the Unnamable Horror forever altered the history of
Creation. Maya gave birth to a new race, the humans. Wars came and went, new
races arrived, time passed, and somewhere in the shuffle, the memory of the
Unnamable Horror slipped into the background, forgotten even from the race that
it had fathered through Maya. That is, until a certain human named Servelan de
Vermiis found a way to summon the Unnamable Horror.

Completing a vastly intricate experiment known as the Great Awakening, Servelan
brought the Unnamable Horror forth into Sapience, the land created to house
those formed by its rape of Maya. Servelan and the Unnamable Horror merged, and
from that event was born Eris, Goddess of Chaos. 

From notes left behind, intrepid souls dared to later attempt to recreate the
experiment that had seen the birth of one Divine, hoping for similar results. 
The first to succeed in this endeavour was Mordyval Danarrii. To the surprise
of all, the result was the summoning of the creature known as the Spawn of the
Unnamable Horror.  

Rumours continue that the Spawn may still be raised from somewhere within the
city of Ashtan.